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With decades of experience in the plastic packaging, Matsa Group specializes in the design, manufacturing, sale and service of cosmetic lotion pumps, fine mist sprayer, foam pumps, plastic cosmetic jars, bottles, tubes and other beauty packaging. read more
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Do you have an unusual product with its own unique shape and feel? Are you at a loss as to how to package it? Our Product Development team can design a custom packaging solution specifically to meet your needs. We consider aesthetics, durability, marketability, feel and function. Send us your product and requirements and we'll design a prototype for you to consider - with no commitment on your part!
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Matsa Beauty Packaging, one of the Chinese leading manufacturers & providers of plastic packaging for the cosmetic, personal care and healthcare sectors, has developed a range of customization and decoration options dedicated to creating superior product ranges tied together with the same look and feel.

Whether the client needs a standard range or custom-designed, highly differentiated shapes, the plastic packaging produced by Matsa Packaging can be just as sophisticated as glass, but much lighter, unbreakable and shatter-proof.

The company, providing a wide-selection of different containers and dispensers, provides the client with the ability to "mix-and-match" containers of different shapes, sizes and configurations, to create a cohesive and elegant product range united by the materials used, the colouring of the packaging, and of course, by the decoration selected.

Matsa Beauty Packaging has designed several pre-fab finish that can be selected for a packaging range. Some of the options available may include two of Matsa's latest decoration additions, structure printing (which makes it possible to feel packaging decoration - the printing technique creates unique tactile packaging with no limits on the variety of surface sensations that are possible) and heat-transfer printing (which involves directly transferring a foil onto the surface of the packaging to create a high-end packaging solution, perfect for elegant luxury goods with multicolour). Heat-transfer printing can also be combined with structure or screen printing to create stunning new finish and distinguishing packaging.

New colour trends are also introduced to clients by Matsa, which is why the company offers advice and design support on branding and marketing options on plastic cosmetic bottles, plastic cosmetic jars, plastic cosmetic tubes, we paint plastic cosmetic containers and more. The addition of fresh colours (colours inspired by spring and summer, like blue or apricot) or fashionable colours (like reds, purples and violets) can permit packaging ranges to hit consumers with completely different effects, such as airs of novelty or luxury, depending on the colour combinations selected. The Matsa's staff are always ready to offer advice on wide range packaging selection, in order to ensure maximum appeal to the eyes of the customers.

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