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Our design department can be a valuable tool to help you succeed in an ever-changing world market. Our ability to anticipate market trends and create new designs is the key to our success. Our engineering expertise in China, which includes tool design, tool manufacture and validation, means we have everything we need, in-house, to get your idea to the market. Our years of experience make us the perfect partner in developing a solution to best fit your needs, whether you are looking for a custom cap design or a complete solution for your product's special needs.

Matsa's experienced team of custom solutions experts will provide you with unlimited creativity and technical options. Our outstanding design talent and extensive network of manufacturing resources see to all that. And, much of this high degree of originality and customization also comes from the market insights and research we factor into your product and customers. Matsa's decorating division can even provide exceptional labeling and decorating capabilities to bring the entire surface of your package to life with eye-popping colors and graphics.

custom design Standard or exclusive packaging? Customers, at BU Plastics of Bormioli Rocco, can choose among the many products on the catalogue or make ad hoc requests.
In this case, BU Plastics works with the customer with a view to making its proposal unique and recognizable on the market, while supporting design and industrial aspects.
The final result is a distinctive packaging in terms of models, materials, design, colour and communicative capacity, able to be successful on the market.
The finished container stems from the collaboration of engineers and designers, market analysts and packaging experts, and the will to share know-how, technologies and skills with the customer with the objective of growing together.

These customization projects are concretely translated into an extensive design phase, divided into three steps:

Product study

A study on the product and its characteristics is carried out to provide the customer with a packaging solution that can comply with those functionality, aesthetics and uniqueness requirements increasingly demanded for by the market.

In fact, the container design is part of the functional characteristics, as much as product protection during distribution and storage and the capacity of preserving and ensuring a constant quality level.

On the other hand, design also has an emotional and communicative aspect, which is translated into complete information and captivating capacity inviting consumers to touch and buy the product, making it recognizable.

Drafting of the packaging proposal

The R&D team identifies the best solution, looking for the material that ensures the best possible result, the top-performing technology in relation to the requests and studying shapes and colours.

Within the Technical Office, a team of highly specialized designers, trained on the single technologies, deals with the design of the items and subsequently of moulds. The output is a three-dimensional study/item of the product on digital support, through which the future shape of the container and/or closure can be verified.

In order to enable the customer to have a first contact with the packaging, already in this phase, B.U. Plastics provides a service of rapid prototyping.

Development and industrialization phase

- Mould design

Once the study/item and the prototype are accepted by the customer, the mould design phase is started. This is an articulated and complex process, including the verification, already in this phase, of the conditions characterizing the production process. This is achieved by means of sophisticated software, among which simulation programs allowing for the optimization of the pack production process.

- Creation of pilot mould and industrial mould

A prototype mould is made, which makes it possible for the customer to receive samples, albeit in limited number, in a relatively short time, so that they can assess the impact of the pack on their packaging lines. Once approved by the customer, the workshop is given the delicate task of making the industrial mould, which is then developed and tested by specialized personnel.

- Type-approval

After the verification of conformity of the finished product with the specifications and recording and optimization of the production parameters, a sampling plan is made and tests on the customer's lines are planned, with a view to optimizing the manufactured product performance.

Once the type-approval procedure has been completed, the item and relative equipment are released for production.

- Technical assistance

Its action is mainly focused on two phases: the product industrialization phase (start up) and the pack processing optimization phase based on the customer company's lines.

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